What Difference Will It Make?

What Difference Will It Make?

My family will have an account of money they did not have before if they have long-term care plans which will give:

*The ability to remain on their job vs being a care giver

*Protect retirement savings, a life time of effort

*A choice of who will care for them when they are not independent

*Ability to remain at home as long as they are safe

*Protect the well-being of the family

*Guaranteed to use benefits

*Guaranteed premium

*Return of premium

*Provide peace of mind

It is easy to postpone health care planning. 

No one wants to think of ever needing care, even for a short time. The devastating consequences are the motivators.

The quickest unintended way to deplete assets is paying out of pocket for health care expenses.

The average family that pays for health care expenses is broke in 18 months.

Even a small plan is very helpful.  Begin with what is comfortably affordable.

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