Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Planning: Better Approaches Worth Considering

Some Coverage is Better Than None Buying a “smaller” long-term care insurance (LTCi) or linked benefit policy that’s designed to cover a portion of your potential future long-term care costs can provide significant protection for less cost than you might think. The GOOD – BETTER – BEST Approach to Long-Term Care Insurance Protection.   GOOD: […]


Long-Term Care Planning: Good To Know Tips

You Plan, you Save and you Invest to create a financially secure tomorrow. Needing long-term care can impact your loved ones, your assets and your retirement. Are you prepared with a plan to address a long-term care need that lasts for several months or for many years? Here are a couple of tips from the […]


A Story of “True” Thanksgiving

At first, this sounded like a Thanksgiving story, but the more I reflected on it, the more appropriate it seemed for any time of the year. The way I heard it, the story went like this: Thanksgiving Day was near. The first-grade teacher gave her class a fun assignment — to draw a picture of […]


Hang On To Assets

What is a Partnership Policy and What Makes it Different? Long-term care insurance policies sold as a “Partnership Policy” are different from other long-term care policies in the following ways: Partnership policies carry a special endorsement from the State for meeting additional consumer protection standards. These standards include many consumer safety features that provide assurance […]


Benefits of Extended Health Care

Frequently people question the benefits of having a plan for extended health care.  Folks who have been involved with caring for an adult understand.  I have included a short video to show how a plan can enhance a family’s quality of life.   


HybridHybrid Policies

Amy and Jeff W. reached out to me just days after Jeff’s father had passed away.  Along with other family members, they had cared for Jeff’s father for three years. Their experience convinced them they needed a plan that would protect their family from having to care for them. They didn’t know where to begin. […]


What Difference Will It Make?What Difference Will It Make?

My family will have an account of money they did not have before if they have long-term care plans which will give: *The ability to remain on their job vs being a care giver *Protect retirement savings, a life time of effort *A choice of who will care for them when they are not independent […]


Retirement Planning: Proteting Your Life SavingsRetirement Planning: Protecting Your Life Savings

It’s never been harder to get ready to retire. One of the most expensive costs you’ll face in retirement is paying for health care. Big monthly expenses can rapidly eat away at your retirement savings. Protecting yourself against potentially catastrophic health-care expenses is smart. For many, long-term care insurance has been the answer. Long-term care […]


There's No Place Like HomeThere’s No Place Like Home

There is no place like home is what consumers say when they inquire into long-term care insurance. The common belief is that long term care insurance is for nursing home care. Truly, the case is that a long-term care policy is nursing home avoidance protection. The number of Americans in their 70’s and 80’s and […]


What is a Hybrid Long Term Care Policy?What is a Hybrid Long Term Care Policy?

Frequently, I am asked what is a hybrid long term care policy. Often times that question comes up when I am asked “What if I never use long term care.” I will answer that in this blog. A hybrid policy is a combination of a universal life insurance policy and a long term care policy. […]


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