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Experienced Long-term Care Consultant Tells How to Spot Medicare FraudExperienced Long-term Care Consultant Tells How to Spot Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year due to false claims and exaggerated medical bills. Medicare consumers are oftentimes unknowingly contributing to the problem through various goods and services that are charged on their behalf by fraudulent providers.  Because Medicare claims are often paid without question, the system and its beneficiaries are especially […]


Cost of Home Care Makes Aging in Place AttractiveCost of Home Care Makes Aging in Place Attractive

An important component of downsizing for retirement is the type of residence. When the goal is to “age in place”, fewer stairs, wider doorways, and safety bars in baths are items to consider. The wisdom of the goal is that folks feel secure in their own environment and it is less costly. Genworth’s 2015 Cost […]


Hiring a Long Term Care Consultant Provides Many Benefits for Your Long Term Care NeedsHiring a Long Term Care Consultant

Hiring a long term Care Consultant provides many benefits for your long term care needs. Anytime we are out and about, it is obvious that the US Population is aging. The fact that people are living longer is a good thing in many ways. However, there is a concern. Are retirement plans funded to last […]


Six in Ten Women Fear Running Out of Money During RetirementSix in Ten Women Fear Running Out of Money During Retirement

A recent study “Women, Money and Power” done by Allianz Life Insurance looked at how changes in the workforce, family structure, lower pay for women, and other social roles have impacted women and their financial responsibilities.  Women are also looking ahead to their long term financial responsibilities and how to plan for them. The study […]


How to Figure the Cost of Caring for an Aging RelativeHow to Figure the Cost of Caring for an Aging Relative

The number of adults caring for someone with a serious health problem is on the rise and is likely to continue growing as the population ages. When assuming the care of a relative, family members are putting their own finances and even health at risk. Those who care for an older family member are more […]


Home CareLong-Term Care Solutions for Seniors

When life changes due to the death of a spouse or health is compromised, many people look for ways to make changes in their lifestyle. They look for ways to make life more simple and easier. There are choices for most people to consider. The first step is frequently an Independent Living location. Independent living […]


What is Long Term Care?What is Long Term Care?

Long term care is needed when an individual is unable to live independently. The need for assistance is required because an individual is unable to perform their own personal care tasks. Examples of personal needs are: bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, continence, and getting up from a seat. If the need for care continues for 90 […]


Long Term Care Through the Eyes of Caregivers

Caring for a loved one is a complicated and arduous responsibility. The experiences include the joy of sharing intimate exchanges, laughter and tears to being sleep deprived and riding on an emotional roller coaster. Hearing stories of other caregivers can be informative and supportive. Howard Gleckman’s book, Caring for Our Parents, offers stories of long-term […]


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